I'm Aeri. 

My mom rescued me when I was 6 months old. I am glad not to have to spend my days in a cage anymore even though my mom quickly introduced me to obedience training and the strict life of living with humans. The upside is I have a big family of people and dogs with which to play and my mom often takes me running. I especially love trail running! After a long run, I love to curl up on the couch with her and take a long snooze. If I want an adrenaline rush, my dad will take me kayaking, hiking, or rock climbing. Recently, my parents brought home a “brother.” Although I initially despised having another doodle in the house, I do enjoy playing with him when my parents are busy. But he has a long way to go before becoming a therapy dog. At least for now, I get to do something special without him.

Things I Learned from Humans:  (1) Sneakers and a watch mean we are going for a run! (2) Sleep in when you can, you never know what adventure they will take you on next! (3) Baths and brushing are an inevitable end to almost any adventure when you are white and fluffy like me. (4) Kayaking outings are great for bird and water-life watching, just don’t lean over too far! (5) With no squirrels or rabbits at the beach, hunting ghost crabs is the next best thing.


Things My Owner Learned from Me: (1) Every day is a new beginning with a new adventure. (2) Patience. (3) Enjoy the simple things in life. Even people watching is great fun. (4) I can be very loud and persistent when I want something. I will steal items if no one is listening to me, so don’t leave butter on the counter.


Favorite Trick:  Bang!” or “Bow”


Favorite Treat:  Jerky


Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because.... I can be wild and crazy or very mellow. If you want to have fun, I can be silly and active. If you want to cuddle, I have lots of soft fluff. I am happy just to be with people.


My Favorite Places to Visit:   Blasco Children's Library.  My volunteer handlers are named Caitlin and Ryan.