I'm Annie.

I'm a 3 year old Collie who was adopted from the Humane Society in Erie when I was 13 months old. I love people, and I love to chase squirrels in the back yard.

Things I Learned from My Owner:  My owner has taught me to be polite and obedient (most of the time), and to fetch toys and sticks.
Things My Owner Learned from Me:  I have taught my owner to make sure there is no food on kitchen counters when she is not present. (I also love to eat.)

Favorite Treat:  My favorite treat is yogurt.

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because...I LOVE people, especially people who pay attention to me.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  I'm just getting started but I can't wait to visit our local nursing homes!  My volunteer handler is named Louise.