I'm Baby.

My owners (Joy and Aaron) rescued me from a West Virginia shelter. The vet guesses I am about two years old and I surprised everyone when I stopped growing at 50 pounds. No one knows whether I am simply a small golden retriever or whether I am a mix, but I sure do act like a golden retriever!

I love to play in the snow, chase squirrels with my black lab friend Dante, and swim in the lake. I also love being hugged and pet by
anyone and everyone which is why I am excited to be a Certified Therapy Dog.

Things I Learned From Humans:  My humans taught me that even though I love to retrieve, I cannot retrieve the swimmer's buoys anchored to the bottom of the lake at Presque Isle.

Things My Owners Learned from Me:  To greet strangers with a smile. And, where to find the best car detail shops in the city (unfortunately, sometimes riding in the car makes me sick, amazingly, I still love going for rides).

Favorite Trick:    I love giving people my paw to shake.

Favorite Treat:  I like ALL treats. This past summer, my owners were shocked by how crazy I would go over peaches.

Make No Bones About It...I Am A Great Therapy Dog Because.... I show up everywhere smiling, tail wagging, and hoping that someone will take the time to talk to me and pet me.