Meet Bentley! 

I am a 4 1/2 year old Yorkshire terrior and was adopted by my new owners in July, 2008.  I weigh 7 lbs. and have a very gentle temperament.  I love to go for long walks even in wet weather.  I also love my little bed and being with my owner. 

Things I Have Learned from Humans:  I have learned to trust.  I know I will be fed, walked, bathed and even taken to the vet when needed.  And, best of all - I have learned that I am loved no matter what (even when I make mistakes!)

Things My Owner Has Learned from Me:  My owner has learned that I need attention and care every day, even when it is most inconvenient.  She knows that I love her and need her, no matter what!

Favorite Trick:  I love to sit and stay.

Favorite Treat:  People food.

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because:  I am gentle and obedient, and I love to go places with my owner.  Most importantly, I love to make new friends!

My Favorite Places to Visit:  The Barber National Institute, Erie School District's Read n Feed Program.  My volunteer handler is named Nancy.

When we succeed, you succeed.  For a $50 donation, you can sponsor Bentley.  Click here to see how!