I'm Boomer!

I'm a very happy dog. My tail is nothing but muscle because it is always wagging! I really love everyone I meet. I get excited in new places, but once I settle down I am a very good boy. When I am not home, you can usually find me at PetSmart in the training arena while my mom works!

Things I Learned from Humans: Everything! Hugs, kisses and love! Sometimes I remember to chew my food when they remind me, too! How to listen, even when exciting things are going on, and if I stare and drool long enough, I get treats!

THings My Owner Learned from Me: A simple tail wag is all people need to see in order to turn into butter. Just by being in a car and staring at people that drive by can make people very happy. How happy one dog can make many people.

Favorite Trick: Bang! Where I flop over dead, and For shame! where I cover up my face from embarrassment (I'm still learning this one.)

Favorite Treat: The edible kind.

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because: Even though I started being trained when I was 6, with lots of hard work I am now a therapy dog in less than two years. I show that you can always teach an old dog new tricks!

My volunteer handler is named Nikki.