I'm Bradley!

I am a 4-yr-old male Pembroke Welsh corgi and I'm only about a foot tall but I think I'm a big dog. I’m a good traveler and houseguest. So far, I’ve visited friends and relatives in PA, NY, OH, KY, TN and GA. I may need to start a “Tutors without Tails” program for those of us therapy dogs who happen to have no tail.

Things I Learned from Humans: Down comforters and flannel sheets are almost as warm and comfortable as corgi fur, and being on a fleece blanket on a lap in a LaZBoy recliner is as good as it gets.
Things My Owner Learned from Me: My owner is a first-time dog owner, so I’ve had to teach her everything from “how to housebreak a puppy” to “keeping a corgi from getting fat” to “always carry a spare plastic bag” to “why corgis are perfect in every way.”
Favorite Trick: Sometimes when I’m so happy I can’t stand it, I yodel. And I can shake paws with you.
Favorite Treat: Whatever you have in your hand... or pocket... or purse... or backpack.
Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... When I first met my owner, she was still grieving the loss of her beloved 21-year-old kitty named Beauty. I’ve provided her with therapy since the moment she laid eyes on me. I’m looking forward to doing the same for as many people as possible!

My Favorite Places to Visit: Blasco Memorial Library, Barnes & Noble.  My volunteer handler is named Cathy.