I'm Bruin!

I am a two year old Newfoundland from Ohio who was rescued as a one year old. I have spent the past year training to be a therapy dog and I am looking forward to starting my work!


 Things I Learned from Humans: Before I was rescued I had never been in a house, had a treat, or played with a toy. I learned how to be a dog from my parents, I learned what it was like to be loved!

Things My Owners Learned from Me:  My owners learned that practice makes perfect and when things get rough perseverance will always win.

Favorite Trick:  I am a one-trick Newfy. I can open and close doors and trash cans.

 Favorite Treat:  I love puperoni!

 Make No Bones About It....I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because.... I love making people feel happy. Few things in life can't be cured by hugging a Newfoundland.

 My Favorite Places to Visit:  Barnes & Noble, Corry Memorial Library and I hope to be a Skipper on the Brig Niagara!  My volunteer handlers are named Billy and Megan.