I'm Bruiser!

I got that name when I was a puppy because I was very clumsy. My Mom was a black Lab and my Dad was a Border Collie. That's what makes me so handsome!

Things I Learned from Humans: Cats can be good friends, too, and camping out is great fun!

Things My Owner Learned from Me: Be careful not to judge a dog or a person by the color of their fur or their pedigree.

Favorite Trick: How'd you do?

Favorite Treat: Beggin' Strips

Make No Bones About It... I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... Skip the Beagle is my best friend and the best (little) big brother a dog could have! And, I think everyone is a friend. I love listening when people talk to me.

My Favorite Places to Visit: Stay tuned, details coming soon! My volunteer handler is named Amy.