Meet Buddy! 

I am a four year old male Golden Retriever and I am a very happy boy!  I love car rides and lots of toys.  I admit, I will chase a rabbit every now and then but I really prefer to not get involved.  My Mom says that's because I'm a lover not a fighter! 

Things I Have Learned From Humans:  There is a purpose for my life.

Things My Owner Has Learned From Me:  Unconditional love and loyalty. It is definately something that all humans can learn from our canine friends.

Favorite Trick:  To be honest, I don't do tricks...I rely more on my good looks.

Favorite Treat:  Canine grilled chicken strips

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because...I have a huge and loving heart for everybody I meet.  My greatest joy comes from pleasing others.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Westlake Woods.  My volunteer handler is named Lori.

When we succeed, you succeed.  For a $50 donation, you can sponsor Buddy.  Click here to see how!