Meet Charlie!

I am certainly an interesting mix. I’m a Newfiedoodle- my Mom is a Newfoundland and my Dad is a Standard Poodle. As both of my parents are water dogs, I sure love to swim! I fetch sticks in the lake as soon as the ice melts, and splash around in my kiddy pool all summer long!

Things I Have Learned from Humans: I have learned something called manners from humans. If I lay down and pretend I don’t want any food they usually save me a bite. Both young and old also seem to like to shake with me. And finally, I’ve learned that mom and dads bed is softer than mine, but I have to be invited up because they say I’m a bed hog.

Things my Owner has Learned from Me: My owner has learned that I need friends too. I have several good dog friends in my neighborhood whom I play with often. Before my mom got my invisible fence I used to go to their doors and get them to come out and play with me! I also LOVE children. When I see one I can’t help but want to play.

Favorite Trick: I learn very quickly, and love to do any trick that will earn me a treat! Some of my tricks include: Crawling, spinning and catching, rolling over, playing dead when shot, jumping through a hoop, shaking hands, and all of the basic obedience commands. I also prefer to play ball with two balls at a time in my mouth.

Favorite Treat: I love it when mom puts peanut butter in my bone or buys me a new raw hide. I don’t get them often so I savor the last little bit and use it like a toy. But it really is hard to pick a favorite treat as I’m not fussy and love all foods, even vegetables!

Make No Bones About it I am a Great Therapy Dog Because... I make people happy with my cheerful disposition. Instant smiles have overcome everyone I’ve met since I was a small pup.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  I especially like to visit the Barber National Institute School and Senior Center as well as various retirement centers. My volunteer handlers name is Laure.

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