Meet Cooper!

Hi! My name is Cooper Valentine..yep, I was born almost on Valentine's Day! I am a 2 ½ year old German Shepherd and everyone says, "he's big." I like being big because that way you don't have to bend down to pet me. I have been in training as a Search and Rescue dog for almost 10 months now with NWPAK9SAR. My little brother Reuben is following in my footsteps with hopes to be a SAR and therapy dog.  I have a lot to teach him!

Things I Learned from Humans: My parents are always looking out for my best interest...even when they reprimand me.

Things My Owner has Learned from Me: Love is unconditional - and treat those you love with patience. And, that I pick up bad habits a lot easier than good habits!

Favorite Treat: First, I love cheese and lots of it! Second best, I like napping in front of the fan!

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because: I love attention and I like to be with people!

My Favorite Places to VisitCompassionate Care of Corry PA.  My volunteer handler is named Norm.