I'm Cooper!    I was born in Idaho and came to live in Pennsylvania at 8 weeks of age.   My owner has been showing me since I was 6 months old – I currently am a Champion and 1 point away from being a Grand Champion.   I also have recently been training in obedience and will begin competing in obedience. 

THINGS I LEARNED FROM MY OWNER:  That the world is safe.    That I am loved (and spoiled). 

THINGS MY ONWER LEARNED FROM ME:  Unconditional love and happiness.   

FAVORITE TREAT: peanut butter

MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT... I AM A GREAT THERAPY DOG BECAUSE.... I love everyone, young and old, love to be petted and fussed over.   Love to kiss faces. 

My Favorite Places to Visit: College campuses, and Blasco Memorial Library.  My volunteer handler is named Cathy.