I'm Crackers!  Yes, I look a little older than I am because I'm a Blue Dobergirl and my face is silver. I was rescued in 2011 at only 18 months old and found a wonderful forever home. Mom said her big red boy, Rodney, needed a friend and playmate. That's why she picked me. I'm quite tall, very easy going, and friendly. 


Things I Have Learned from Humans: Better Manners and there are always treats in the pantry. 
Things My Owner Has Learned from Me: Just relax and enjoy life.
Favorite Trick: I do give paw but I'd rather sneak up behind my big brother, Rodney, and steel his toys.
Favorite Treat: I like just about anything that's eatable from Granny Apples to Steak. 
Make No Bones About It... I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... now I have a real job. I get to make people happy just being me.  
My Favorite Places to Visit: Anywhere my mom/ handler, Michele, wants to take me.  I'm proud to serve the Greater Pittsburgh Region as a certified TDU therapy dog.