I'm Dily!  I was born in North Carolina, my mom and dad were on a working farm , mom guarded chickens,which I might add ...are fun to chase and hold. Dad on the other hand guarded the lamas.bringing home the occasional coyote for his master to see, I think it had something to do with earning your keep, it made his master happy that he was able to keep the lamas safe. After about 10 weeks on the farm 2 wonderful children with their mom picked me up and brought me home, Everyone realized after a year of growing that a condo was not quite the right spot for me...I needed more room, so their dad came and brought me to Erie to live out in the country . I fit in well and love running in ditches and sniffing everything .I love snow and my white coat almost makes me invisible in a snowstorm. My coat keeps me warm with a soft undercoat and thicker outercoat,but I do need at least a little brushing daily , sometimes more, but its usually a nice relaxing time for me to thank my master for a good long walk in the woods or run in the field. 

Things I Learned from Humans:   A soft mouth when taking a treat will probably get you more treats. Be patient when getting a bath, it feels really good when your all done!

Things My Human Learned from Me:    I love to see you  and know your there even if you are in the other room,I  will relocate your headrest in your car if it gets in the way of protecting us from another car.oh...I got ALOTA fur.

Favorite Trick: Disapearing in a snowstorm,or fogy night..and coming up beside you when your calling for me in the wrong direction.

Favorite Treat:  Art's raspberry iced cookie..my master won't let me have chocolate chips

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because.... I am me ,...let me explain:  3000bc our breed  originated to guard  goats and  sheep, goats and sheep do NOT pet other animals very well, but on the other hand the shepard needed companionship as well as a great dog that was willing to put up with the goats and sheep and he has the hands to pet us . I see that some people  just need a little coaxing, like a sheep does, a soft handfull of fur and a gentle look into thir tired eyes and they will remember how to pet me. I will be their companion for a visit.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Barnes & Noble Story Hour.  My volunteer handler is named Eric.