I'm Dixie! 

I came to live with my humans 5 years ago and it has been a great experience. When I was a baby I loved to chew plastic so I made it my mission to chew every alarm clock, remote control and pair of glasses that were left unguarded. Now I know that those things are important to humans for some reason so I keep my search and destroy missions focused on stuffed toys and chipmunks. Because I was bred to keep small vermin out of barns, it is really easy for me to keep the chipmunks out of our garage. 

Things I Have Learned From Humans: When you want them to wake up really fast just stick your whiskers in their face. I’ve also learned that no matter how bad you are you can melt their anger by sitting quietly and giving them that “aren’t I cute” look. 

Things My Owner Has Learned From Me: That the most mischievous puppy can turn into a wonderful loving friend if given the chance. Trusting each other and working together is the key.

Favorite Trick: My favorite trick is waking up my humans at 3:00 in the morning by making them think I need to go outside. When they get to the back door I grab a toy and run around the dining room table! For some reason they don’t think it’s as much fun as I do!

Favorite Treat: Chewy bones and dog cookies!

Make No Bones About It - I Am A Great Therapy Dog Because... I love humans. There is no better place to be then spending time with a human either walking or sitting and reading or curling up in a lap and just enjoying a great scratch. 

My Favorite Place to Visit:  Mount St. Benedict Monastery.   My volunteer handler ‘s name is Sr. Justina.

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