Meet Emma! I am a one year old Shih Tzu. My mom became interested in Therapy Dogs United when Pat had come to her work to give a talk about the organization and from then on my mom knew it would be a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor. We began training hard and are now so proud to be part of TDU!
THINGS I LEARNED FROM HUMANS: I have learned that car rides are the best. I can travel near or far without a peep. My mom even got me my own car seat. I just sit back and enjoy the ride.
THINGS MY OWNER LEARNED FROM ME: How to be patient and accepting of everyone.  
FAVORITE TRICK: “Sitting pretty!” I sit up on my back legs and my mom says I look like an Ewok. I have figured out that if I do this even when not asked … I get a treat. It must be cute!
MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT...I AM A GREAT THERAPY DOG BECAUSE: I am an easy going little girl. Not a care in the world... and I have never met a person that I did not like.
MY FAVORITE PLACE TO VISIT: We have just begun but we are looking forward visiting many people and putting a smile on their face! My volunteer handler is named Tracey.