Hi there, I am Google the wonder pup! I am a 1 year old black lab mix and was adopted from the Erie County Humane Society. When I am not volunteering with TDU, I am out being a super search engine, finding lost people in the woods as part of our local search and rescue team. I absolutely love playing with everyone; dogs, cats, and especially people! My humans are Heather and Shane who have lots of experience as pet trainers and handlers but are learning something new every day with me!

Things I’ve learned from humans: If you look cute enough, you will get just about anything you want.

Things my owner has learned from me: Dogs can do some seriously amazing things if they set their minds to it and get the chance to.

Favorite tricks: I love to sit. In fact, I came with sit from the very first moment I was adopted. I also love to tear apart soda bottles and traipse around in the snow.

Favorite treat: I am not picky; I love everything and will often play with my treat by pouncing around it before I eat it.

Make no bones about it…I’m a great Therapy dog because: I love everyone and it is my mission to make sure everyone loves me!

My Favorite Places to Visit:  I am new to TDU but so far I have loved visiting our local nursing homes and hospitals!  My volunteer handler is named Heather.