Meet Gus!

I am a giant, loving Great Pyrenees.  My Mom and Dad rescued me from The Anna Shelter 2 1/2 years ago.  I was malnourished, mistreated, and had lost much of my fur - plus, I had many sores all over my body.  I was not a happy puppy.  From the moment my Mom and Dad laid eyes on me, there was an instant connection and I knew my life was about to change forever - and for the better!  I've since gained 65 lbs. and I am happy and blessed to have found such a wonderful and loving home.  For those of you not familiar with my breed, I come from the Pyrenees Mountains of France.  I am a working breed who was bred to protect the sheep from the wolves.

Things I Have Learned from Humans:  Patience, love - and that NO MATTER WHAT - I am safe, loved and will always be loved and cared for.   Oh yeah, and that I will always get my McDonalds hamburgers on Saturday with Dad.

Things My Owner Has Learned from Me:  Unconditional love and that I'll always have an ear for them, and a wagging tail!

Favorite Trick:  Sitting, laying down, and shaking paws.

Favorite Treat:  Favorite treats??? Where do I begin? Let me count the treats...!

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because:  I am a gentle soul with a great love of people (thanks to my parents) and because of all the love I have received, I can share and give it back to others....because that IS what life is all about!

My Favorite Places to Visit:  The Sarah Reed Retirement Center, AseraCare Hospice.  My volunteer handler is named Mike.

When we succeed, you succeed.  For a $50 donation, you can sponsor Big Gus. Click here to see how!