Meet Hannah!

I am a 3 year old French Bulldog, and my official name is Jensign’s Hannah Montana, but I will answer to Hannah, Hannie or Hannie Banannie.  I live with my Dad, Mom and two human siblings John and Megan, and I also have 3 canine siblings, Chip, Lucy and Desi, and we all get along as one big happy family. 

THINGS I LEARNED FROM HUMANS:  My mom is a messy cook and she has taught me to be by her side while she’s making dinner because something will spill onto the floor eventually!!  I have also learned manners, how to sit nicely to be petted and get attention, and I am going to classes for Rally Obedience to further my education! 

THINGS MY OWNER LEARNED FROM ME:  Patience, unconditional love, and trying new ways of teaching me new tasks.  My Mom also has learned how to sew and customize jackets for me to wear in the cooler months.  I love my Frenchie Fashions!!

FAVORITE TRICK:  I love to shake hands and dance for treats!

FAVORITE TREAT:  My Mom makes me cooked liver snacks and they are the best in the world!!  I also LOVE peanut butter stuffed in my Kong toy, too!! 

MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT...I AM A GREAT THERAPY DOG BECAUSE...  French Bulldogs are known as little clowns and I always make people laugh!!  I am quiet girl, I love people and I am adventurous and not afraid of going new places and meeting new people.  I love it when people pet me and fuss over me.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Coming soon!  My volunteer handler is named Mary Beth.

When we succeed, you succeed.   For a $ 50 donation, you can sponsor Hannah and make a difference in the lives of other.  Please click here to learn more.