I'm Jersey!   I was born on August 1, 2010 and I love to go for car rides and walks. I also love when my owner takes me to school to see the students. I also enjoy getting drinks from the garden hose. My sister, Jet, lives 5 minutes away. I love when she comes over to play and sometimes we get to go for a ride in her owner's convertible.
Things I Learned from Humans:   I have learned how to play hockey with my owners. I am considered the best defensive hockey player in my family. I also enjoy playing soccer and Frisbee. I have learned how to speak, give 5, bow, sit, stay and kick a ball with my paw.
Things My Owner Learned from Me:   My owners have to find new and creative ways to challenge my brain. I love new toys and experiencing new things.
Favorite Trick: Bowing.
Favorite Treat:   I love ALL treats but peanut butter on my Kong is my favorite.
Make No Bones About It....I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... I love to be surrounded by children. I enjoy when they read to me.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Davis Elementary School in North East.  My volunteer handler is named Mary Jo.