I'm Jet! 

I am a black Standard Poodle born in August of 2010. I am the fourth dog in my family to become a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs United.

Things I Learned from Humans: They taught me that when I am a good listener, I get to go lots of places that other dogs don't usually get to go.
Things My Owners Learned from Me:  I taught them that I am a therapy dog for humans, not other dogs, just in case there was any confusion about that.
Favorite Trick:  Some people think my favorite trick is taking a bow when I am done going through my basic obedience commands, but all I really want to do is to just sit and hold hands with anyone who will let me.
Favorite Treat:  My mom and dad say that I love love. And I do! If love were considered a treat it would be my all time favorite.
Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... My parents say, "Well, you can't live on love alone," but I truly think I could. That's probably what makes me such a great therapy dog.

My Favorite Places to Visit: My mom's school. My volunteer handlers are Tim and Tammy.