I'm Kenta!  I am the Prince of all Doberman Pinschers - with my big brown soulful eyes and shiny black fur.  It's not wonder all the beautiful ladies flock to me!

Things My Owner Learned from Me:  How to strutt her stuff, how to appropriately sing in the car, how to correctly give kisses.

Things I Learned from My Owner:  How to sleep on the pillow next to my Master, how to hog the couch and how to keep warm in front of the heater all winter long!

Favorite Trick: Stealing socks from the laundry basket.

Favorite Treat:  Hot dogs, ham, cheese, bison, deer.

Make No Bones About It... I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... I will make you pet and will put a smile on your face no matter how down you are!  If you can't reach me, don't worry.... I will put my head in your lap so you can easily pet me!!!

My Favorite Places: Pittsburgh VA Medical Center, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  My volunteer handler is named Yuni.