Meet Layla!

I was born outside Philadelphia & T. & Jerry came all the way, (14 hours round trip to get me). They fell in love with me, started teaching me tricks right away, (10 minutes to sit), only a few “mistakes” & I was potty trained in 3 days!!!!. I never chewed anything up when I was little. They bought me a big cage, but I only slept there a few nights & T. couldn’t stand to have me locked up so I got promoted to the King sized bed! (Yip-eee!) & I’ve slept there ever since. My cool cousin (Buddy) a Rottie taught me to swim (without doing the Doggie Paddle-at first I was pretty spastic & funny looking, but I caught on quickly & now I swim like Phelps. I only bark when there’s a reason. I LOVE to chase squirrels (or anything “squirrel-like”). I never paw, nip, drool  or scratch anyone, I know my left & right paws, I am an Angel! (T. tells me that all the time, anyway.)

Things I Have Learned from Humans:  Besides my many cool tricks, that most people love Dogs (especially me, hee-hee) but unfortunately there are bad ones out there & we stay away fro them.

Things My Owner Has Learned from Me: That Dogs have souls, that there is an Angel inside of me.

Favorite Trick: Streeeeetch 

Favorite Treat:  Slim Jims 

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because… I am so well behaved & mellow. I am the best visiting Dog ever. I even go to church & the Priest (Father Levetis, awesome Man) introduced me in front of the whole congregation at the altar & people were taking my picture. He said St. Ann's was lucky to have the only Catholic Dog in the diocese. We felt like celebrities, it was so cool.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Barnes & Noble.  My volunteer handler is named Terese.

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