I'm Lilly!   My name is Lilly and I am a ten month old Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and miniature poodle mix).  My doggy sisters Sydney and Cocoa are also TDU therapy dogs.  I love to be with them and my humans swimming, boating, going for car rides, playing and visiting everyone. 
THINGS I LEARNED FROM HUMANS:   That humans give wonderful belly rubs. 
THINGS MY OWNER LEARNED FROM ME   The power of unconditional love and that little dogs are very portable.
FAVORITE TREAT   I will eat almost anything, fruits and veggies included.   
MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT...I AM A GREAT THERAPY DOG BECAUSE...  I am very cute and sweet.  I love being with people and other dogs. 

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Barnes & Noble, Blasco Memorial Library.  My volunteer handler is named Sue.