ABOUT ME: My name is Lucco and I am a two year old Giant Schnauzer. I get so excited when my owners ask "Do you want to go for a walk in the park?. I love to run in my big back yard. I look forward to going to my weekly training classes to work and see my other canine friends at Pat Moloney's K-9 Academy in Pittsburgh!

THINGS I LEARNED FROM HUMANS: To be a loyal companion and be social towards other people and animals.


THINGS MY OWNER LEARNED FROM ME: How much I liked to watch TV especially programs with other dogs. I'm full of energy and need lots of exercise and how much I like riding in my Dad's truck!


FAVORITE TRICK: Catching a ball and running to catch a flying frisbee.

FAVORITE TREAT: Kong with peanut butter, soup bones, Frosty Paws, and playdates with my girlfriend Gia.

MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT...I AM A GREAT THERAPY DOG BECAUSE...I love my job and socializing with people.

MY FAVORITE PLACES TO VISIT:  Community events, visit schools and nursing homes in the Pittsburgh Area.  My volunteer handler is named Marsha.