My name is Maggie Blake. I am three years old. I was abandoned in a home in West Virginia, along with other cats and dogs. We had no food or water. The neighbors heard us cry for help, and after a few days, someone came and we were rescued. That's when I met my forever mom (or so I thought). I stayed with her for a short time and she took very good care of me. However, I had some potty problems that were very difficult for her to handle; so difficult that I ended up at Animal Protectors shelter in New Kensington, PA.

I was alone and afraid, not knowing what was going to happen to me. I wanted so much to please, that I would sit up and wave my front legs in the hopes that someone would notice me. I felt no one would ever adopt me again. The cage I was placed in was very large and I didn't know what to do.

The next day a very nice lady came into the shelter, and I immediately started sitting up and waving my front legs at her so she would see me. She did make eye contact with me. She petted me and spoke so softly that I immediately knew she was the one, my forever mom.

That was one and a half years ago, and I am so very happy and not alone and scared anymore. I have three sisters and two brothers. We all get along very well.

Since I love people so much, especially children, my mom felt I would be extra special if I became a therapy dog. I went to train with Therapy Dogs United and I am now certified. I already have a lot of experience, because my mom volunteers for Animal Protectors, and I go with her to many events. Not to brag, but people swarm over me and I love every second of it.

I am so grateful to my forever mom for her patience in helping me to overcome my problems, to Animal Protectors for taking me under their wings of safety and to Therapy Dogs United for recognizing how much I have to offer, and the joy I can bring into the lives of so many of my human friends.

Please remember there are so many animals in shelters with just as much potential as I have. They are waiting for you to come and rescue them, and they will always reward you with their unconditional love.


Things I Learned from Humans:  I have learned to trust humans and their unconditional love.


Things My Owner Learned from Me:  The unconditional love I give.


My Favorite Trick:  Sitting up and waving my front legs as fast as I can to get attention!


Favorite Treat:  Rice cakes


Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because.... I am a great therapy dog because I am very beautiful, gentle, and a great personality. I love to meet and greet children as well as adults when my mother takes me to events sponsored by a local animal shelter.