I'm Maxx and I'm awesome!  I’m about 2 ½. I was adopted from the ANNA Shelter. People are really surprised when they hear about my genetic background. The main breeds that make up my DNA are boxer, miniature bull terrier, and (this will really surprise you) – basset hound! My “parents” now realize why I like to dig and howl! I have gone to school, and learned so many things. As a stray, I was uncertain when I went to my new home. Now, I love it! I get to spend lots of time going to training with my mommy, and taking long walks in the woods with daddy. My favorite treat is a marrow bone. Every Monday is Marrow Bone Monday! Yeah!! Mommy said I am the only one who loves Mondays!


I am a great therapy dog because I like to make people smile and I am sooo handsome!

My Favorite Places to Visit: Barnes & Noble, SafeNet.