I’m Magic Meagans, but you can simply call me Meagans. I am an extremely well-mannered, lively Golden. I was certified as a therapy dog at just 18 months old and it was a lot of hard work! In my spare time, I love to do agility and play with my friends at Scott Park.
Things I Learned from Humans: How wonderful a mother’s love can be!
Things My Owner Learned from Me: How to forget all that is wrong with the world when she watches me run, play and cuddles with me. (I am adorable!)
Favorite Trick: I can stand on my hind legs and turn around just like a pretty ballerina – but, I will only do this for a treat. I have my mother so well trained!!!!
Make No Bones About It…I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because…. Gee, there really isn’t enough room to list all the reasons why, plus I’m not good at typing! I guess one reason is that everybody loves me. After all, like I said before, “I am adorable!” Just ask my mom.
My Favorite Places to Visit: Millcreek Manor. My volunteer handler is named Marguerite.