I'm Merlin.

I was rescued from a Ohio puppy mill in 2007 by Marilyn's Voice Rescue.  As she feels I am magical for surviving the puppy mill, she named me Merlin after the Magician in the Disney movie, The Sword in the Stone.  I used to be very timid and shy but after I was adopted and brought home, her patience with me helped me to get use to people and to learn the rules for living in the “lap of luxury.”  Now, I can't get enough attention!  My favorite thing to do is to fall asleep in your  lap or lay on your favorite pillow (hence, my favorite pillow!

Things I Learned from Humans: I've learned that humans can be warm, wonderful, kind beings whose hands are used for acts of love and not to hurt.

Things My Owner Has Learned from Me: My owner has learned that not all dogs can jump.  I have trained her well, she now knows that when she sits, I am to be held.  She even has a photo of me resting my head on her keyboard.

Favorite Trick: Making people smile!  I have a huge, gentle personality in my small 8 pound body.

Make No Bones About It... I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because: I'm the sweetest dog you will ever meet.  I love being petted, hand fed, and held.  I only yap as an alert to let everyone know that there is a stranger or critter near our home (although she wouldn’t let me out to meet the Black Bear, darn).  I could sit in your lap all day!

Favorite Saying: Love is being owned by a pomeranian!

My Favorite Place to Visit: Warren General Hospital, Warren Cancer Center.

My Volunteer Handler Is: Judy