Meet Neo!



I am an awesome German Shepherd, but don't let my size fool you!  I'd be a lap dog if I could.  My name means “new.” I’m a 3 year old German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and was born in NJ. I love to swim in Lake Erie and dig for big rocks at the beach. In the winter time, I always want to play in the snow.  

Things I Learned from Humans:  SUV rides are great fun and people like to look at me and my brother as we stick our heads out of the window.
Things My Owner Learned from Me:  How loyal and dedicated a GSD can be as a friend.
Favorite Trick:  Playing tag with my GSD brother, Granite. 
Favorite Treat:  Fresh blueberries. 
Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... Although I’m big, I’m extremely gentle and love to give kisses. I’m a true sweetheart.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Golden Living Center, Barnes & Noble, The Sarah Reed Children's Center.  My volunteer handlers are named Lynn and Bill.