I'm Niki!   I'm a 3 1/2 year old smooth coated Chow.  Some people may think that because I'm a Chow I may not be nice, but I joined Therapy Dogs United to prove that my breed can make not only a loving companion, but good ambassador for Chows.  I enjoy long walks then returning home to the living room carpet for a nap in the sun when I can find it.
Things I Learned from Humans:  My humans have taken me places where I have met many people and other animals.  I've learned that humans are good even though I'm shy at first and I haven't met another dog or cat I didn't like yet.
Things My Owner Learned from Me:  Niki has taught me that animal's really do love and I need to be as patient as she is.
Favorite Trick:  I can shake but that's too much like work. Looking at my humans with my big brown eyes and receiving my favorite liver treat is what I do best..
Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because...  I'm Trusting, Kind, Patient and I love to meet people of all sizes.
My Favorite Places to Visit:  Forestview at Springhill, Barnes & Noble, Independence Court.  My volunteer handler is named Melanie.