I'm Paco!   I am a rescued Pit Bull from the Animal Rescue League of
Pittsburgh. I was returned three times to the shelter before I found my
fur-ever home. I have been through lots of training to get where I am
today. I am truly the under-dog. I love all people but children the most!
I love playing with my four legged friends and meeting new people
everywhere I go.

Things I Learned from Humans:  I learned from my parents to be patient and how to trust. How to follow rules and respect others boundaries. I also learned that I am a very special dog, who deserves tons of love, patience and attention!

Things My Owner Learned from Me: Unconditional love, and how four little paws can fill your home and heart with happiness.

Favorite Trick:  Only one? Well, my favorite trick is to catch a basketball with my front paws. I am very talented and love to show-off for treats!

Favorite Treat:  I love chicken, and I love peanut butter! I especially like my treats stuffed in my KONG. I love when treats are accompanied by a game!

Make No Bones About It... I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because...  I know what it is like to need a shoulder to lean on, a good friend, or a non-judgemental ear. I love to look into your eyes and let you know that I care, because I do. I am a gentle dog, who can cuddle next to you and be pet for hours. But, I am also a barrel of fun and have an amazing personality, kids love to be around me. I will do anything to please people, and make new friends very easily.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  I am proud to share my love throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region at various schools, detention centers and the VA Hospital.   My volunteer handler is named Jessica.