Meet Pete!

I share my house with 2 adults and 3 really active little kids!  They love to lie next to me and read books, or build LEGO bridges over me, or watch me play with the sprinkler in the summer.

THINGS I LEARNED FROM HUMANS - "puppy-dog eyes" don't always work when I want a treat or to get out of trouble, but my humans will always love me anyway.

THINGS MY OWNER LEARNED FROM ME - Dog hair all over the house is a good trade for a loving, loyal family companion.

FAVORITE TRICK - Fetching!  I will do it for hours without stopping (except for a dip in the pond when I need to cool off).  I'm great at catching things thrown in the air.

FAVORITE TREAT - anything but vegetables!

MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT...I AM A GREAT THERAPY DOG favorite thing in the world is to have someone pet me and pay attention to me.  I will be your friend for life.

My Favorite Places to Visit: North East School District.  My volunteer handler is named Kristen.

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