Hi, My name is Romeo! I am a 1 and a half year old German Shepherd Dog! I love kids, especially my 5 cousins that I play fetch and catch bubbles with all the time! I like to spend my free time sitting out on the porch with mom watching cars drive by, playing with the kids in the yard or at the dog park playing with my doggie friends.

Things I learned from Humans: I good game of fetch can cheer up even the crabbiest human. My family is always willing to thank me with belly rubs when I help to put a smile on their face :-)  Of course, my mom spent lots of time with me teaching me to sit, stay, shake, roll over, etc but I think knowing how to make people smile is the most important thing to know in life!

Things Humans Learned From Me: Loving unconditionally can go a long way. Sometimes that is just what people need to have a good day.

Favorite Trick: I love to show off how high I can jump while catching a ball or frisbee or bubbles in mid air! I worked really hard all on my own to get that trick just right!

Favorite Treat: I love to eat peanut butter and cheese! But the thing I love to get most for my good behavior is belly rubs. Just say the word and I will happily roll onto my back so you can give my belly lots and lots of attention!!

I am a great therapy dog because: I am affectionate and loving. I am great with kids, adults and other dogs. I give kisses freely whenever they are welcome and I do a great job of being expressive with my eyes.

Places I plan on visiting: Anywhere and everywhere somebody would be happy to have me! I love meeting new people :-)  My handler is named Vanita.