Meet Ruby!

I'm a beautiful Boxer.  My human Mommy helped with my birth on October 2nd, 2006.  I live in a very fun home with my with my canine Mommy, my Chihuahua step-brother, and human parents.  I enjoy laying in my human's laps and being cuddled.  Other than sleeping, I also love to play and eat - and to go to the park to run as fast as I can!   Since I am a social butterfly, I am excited to be a part of TDU and hope to make lots of new friends.

Things I Have Learned from Humans:  My girlish 65 pound figure seems to be too much for  my Mom and Dat at times, especially when I climb onto their laps.   My neighbor the cat is "a little shy", that's why he runs away when I come out to play...but, I think I can get him to come around though!  The white can in the kitchen is not an all-you-can-eat buffet -  Mom and Dad cleared that up for me very early in life.

Things My Owner Has Learned from Me:  God Almighty made us all, and, we in a small way, reflect His greatness; I am a gift from Him to my owners and there is comfort to be found in a wonderful loving pet.

Favorite Trick:  Looking ADORABLE and turning into a giant squish-ball to get lots of wooing!!

Favorite Treat:  As a very special treat I love to lick the icing off the beater when Mom lets me; but not too many treats so I can stay in tip top shape and keep my girlish figure!

Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... I'm gentle and playful, not to mention very soft and cuddly.  I have a lot of love to give and live to make people smile!

My Favorite Places to Visit:  The Barber National Institute, Fairview Manor.  My volunteer handler is named Lisa.

When we succeed, you succeed.  For a $50 donation, you can sponsor Ruby.  Click here to see how!