I'm Rudy -  Hi! I am a Chow Chow. My breed originated in China over 3000 years ago. We have been use as a hunter, herder and a dog of all work. We were used by royalty for guarding and hunting and by peasants for food and clothing. We are most noted for our blue-black tongue, mouth, scowling expression and deep set eyes and lion-like ruff. We are independent and reserved by nature and need rules and boundaries. If allowed to raise ourselves we can take full advantage and make our own rules. Please don;t let my scowling expression turn you away, because I am happy and I love people. I decided to become a therapy dog because my Aunt Niki enjoys it. and to be an ambassador for our breed too.
THINGS I LEARNED FROM HUMANS: I have to obey their rules and boundries or I get a correction. But sometimes when I'm a good boy, I get treats!!!!
MY FAVORITE TRICK: My tricks are limited to a "shake", I feel I am too dignified to do tricks. But for treats, then doing a few commands becomes a better possibility.
FAVORITE TREATS: Anything in the name of food.
MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT, I MAKE A GREAT THERAPY DOG BECAUSE: I love people. They seem to think I'm cute, cuddly and look like a teddy bear. I make them laugh and that's OK, because that's what Therapy Dogs do. Oh, I like to be petted too.


MY FAVORITE PLACES TO VISIT:  Safe Harbor Crisis/Residential Unit, Barnes & Noble.  My volunteer handler is named Melanie.