I'm Rusty.

I am a Fox Red Labrador Retriever. I will be 3 years old on May 18, 2013.

Things I Learned from Humans: I love to do agility and attend obedience classes with my K-9 friends at Moloney's K-9 Academy, where I am also in Search and Rescue Training.

Things My Owner Learned from Me: I am a very food motivated dog who is calm and lazy.

Favorite Trick: Playing with my tennis ball. I love doing my agility and laying on my back for tummy rubs.

Favorite Treat: Milk Bones.

Make No Bones About It I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because: I am very calm and well mannered. I'm a big teddy bear who loves people.

My Favorite Places to Visit: Nursing homes, local schools, parades and Pittsburgh area hospitals.