I'm Shiloh!  I am a calm little dog who likes nothing more than to lay around and get my belly scratched.  I enjoy chasing the critters in the year, but wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it.  I have my owners pretty well trained - they know when I want treats and when to give me scratches.

Things I Learned From My Owner:  I've learned about a lot of the neat things outside while exploring the woods with my owner.

Things My Owner Learned From Me:  My owner hadn't had a dog in the house for over 20 years before I arrived.  He clearly didn't remember how happy we are to see our owners return home after a long day of work.  He also has learned how much fun it is exploring his own neighborhood with a good buddy.

Favorite Trick:  I have a whole repertoire of tricks that I practice every night after dinner.  Some of my newest trick include chasing my tail (on command) and weaving between my owners legs as he walks and barking out the number of fingers my owner is holing up (don't ask me to count higher than 2).

Favorite Treat:  Come on, I'm a Pug.  What ever I happen to be eating at the time is my most favorite treat in the world.

Make No Bones About It, I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because:  I am a quite and calm dog that enjoys being held and scratched.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Details on that are coming soon!  My volunteer handler is named Chris.