Meet Terra!

I was born in Ohio on December 2, 2006 so I am just over 2 years old. Although I am small in size I have a spirit the size of a Great Dane. Chasing chipmunks and cats are the best things in the world next to rescuing my squeaky balls out of the pond in my back yard. My humans having been teaching me agility which is really fun, especially the dog walk. You should see me run! Then, after a hard day of play there is nothing better than rolling over in my human’s lap and enjoying a good belly rub.

Things I Have Learned From Humans: I have learned that Humans are easily trained, especially if you reward them for good behavior with a quick drippy lick and a wag of the tail. Anyone can be tricked into playing ball with me. I can even get the humans to climb under the furniture and rescue the ball when I’ve deliberately rolled it there.

Things My Owner Has Learned from Me: You get more with honey then you do with vinegar. Ask me in a clam voice and I’ll do anything for you. Enjoying life is what I’m all about, so I want everyone to enjoy it with me. 

Favorite Trick: I’ve perfected the technique of putting two balls in my mouth and batting a third all around the floor. Every now and then I need to change the balls in my mouth because they get a bit slobbery, but the carpet cleans them off really well!

Favorite Treat: Although dog cookies are high on my list, I’ll take a soft squeaky ball any day.

Make No Bones About It... I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because ... I love to make people laugh.   While I’m not much for sitting and reading books, I’ll play ball and clown around until everyone is too tired to play. I make sure everyone has a good time.

My Favorite Place To Visit: Mount St. Benedict Monastery. My Volunteer handler is named Sr. Diane

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