Hi, my name is Toby, and I’m a petaholic. I’m about one year old. Mom adopted me from the Crawford County Humane Society in December 2011, and off we went to obedience class where I learned everything super quick.  I love rope chew toys, my daily hikes, and anything that allows me to run really fast.  Oh yea, probably because of the Beagle in me, I'm a great sniffer.  I love to sniff out the treats Mom hides around the house. I’m working on learning some tricks to surprise you with. I am a great therapy dog because I think people and petting are the best things in life.
Things I Learned from Humans: They are sooo easy to train! Nothing in life is free, but sitting politely gets me most of the things I want.
Things My Owner Learned from Me: Really good dogs can be found at the local shelter.  People are persistent -- I won’t fetch, but Mom still tries to teach me. It’s important to play, play, play until you just can’t play anymore.
Favorite Trick:  Looking cute. It goes a long way.
Favorite Treat:  Food, food, food, did I say FOOD?
Make No Bones About It...I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because... I am a sweet dog who loves people and petting.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Forestview at Springhill.  My volunteer handler is named Pat.