I'm Tonka!

My name is Tonka Polamalu Schlegel -- though Tonka or Tonk is just fine if you're into the whole brevity thing. My dad is a Siberian Husky and my mom is an Akita Inu. I get my big smile and friendly nature (not to mention my one blue eye) from my dad and my laid-back, easy-going attitude (I almost never bark) from my mom. Naturally, with all this thick, fuzzy fur I love the snow and wading in lakes and streams no matter what the temperature.

Things I Learned from Humans: If you're happy, happy people will give you treats. At the vet, at the bank drive-through, at the pet store -- I show up with a smile and almost everybody has a treat they've been waiting to give me!

Things My Owner Learned from Me: I taught my owner that the less you bark, the more you hear.

Favorite Trick: I'm a traditional kind of dog -- sit, shake, lay down. Nothing beats the classics.

Favorite Treat: Any treat I can get Dad to put some peanut butter on! Especially Iams biscuits.

Make No Bones About It... I'm a Great Therapy Dog Because: Anybody I don't know is just a friend I haven't met yet.

My Favorite Places to Visit: To be announced soon! My volunteer handler is named Marcus.