Meet Vanna!   I'm a senior, white Standard Poodle with obedience and rally titles, but I don't like my photo taken. (Maybe she works for the CIA?)

Things I Learned From Humans:  They give really good ear scritches and are good cuddlers

Things My Owner Learned from Me:  Sometimes I just have to bark at the neighbors. Can't be helped. I also growl at animals on TV and even in pictures!!

Favorite Trick:  To stand up at the kitchen window and look mom in the face when I want to be let inside.

Favorite Treat:  Whatever they're handing out.

Make No Bones About It... I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because...  I can sell you a vowel (get it? Vanna White LOL)

My Favorite Places to Visit:  Barnes & Noble, Blasco Children's Library and I am a K9 Coaches partner.  My volunteer handler is named Anita.