Meet Willie!  
  • My name is Willie. Actually, Willie Nelson…but don’t ask me to sing for you. My owner (Roger) has a few other nicknames for me…and I answer to all of them! After all, he might have a treat, and I’ve never been known to miss a meal or a treat in my life!  I’m an Australian Shepherd, which means I have LOTS of energy. I love to run, and my owner and I go for a long walk almost every day. I’m a herding breed, which among other things means I stay very near my owner whenever he’s around. In fact, he calls me his Velcro dog because I stick so close.  People tell me I’m large for my breed. My owner thinks I’m overweight at 75 lbs. That’s probably because I steal Buster’s food when he’s not looking!   I’m two years old (2015) and had some fun doing agility for awhile before we decided to see if I was any good at being a therapy dog. I think I am!
Favorite trick
  • My owner has taught me a half dozen tricks which are fun to do and get me lots of attention. It’s fun to make people smile and laugh…and it’s great when I get a treat afterwards.  Did I tell you I like treats? Anyway, my favorite trick is “Dead Dog.” My owner’s wife didn’t want me to learn this one, but it’s a big crowd pleaser.  My owner pretends to shoot me with a pistol, and I fall over and lay on my back with my legs in the air (my favorite belly rub position).  It’s hard to wait for my release word, because I have to stay so still…after all, I’m dead, right? But it’s worth it for the happiness it brings to people…oh, and the treat!  
Favorite treat
  • Treats?  Who needs ‘em?  ME! THAT’S WHO!!!! Man, it’s hard to say which one is my favorite, but the soft Pup-Peroni training bites are really great.  And I just get so excited when my owner puts some in his pocket because I know that good things are coming soon!
Why I’m a great therapy dog
  • I love people. That’s about it, really. I love to get close to them and let them pet my glossy coat and pat my head. I like to do a trick to make them smile and just be close to them for awhile. I don’t know why my owner keeps calling it my work…cause it’s just fun! 
Places I visit
  • I haven’t been doing this for very long. So far we’ve mostly gone to the Edinboro Manor, because I live near there. We have gone to the Edinboro Public Library to let the kids read to me. We did a health fair at Edinboro University where I met a bunch of other therapy dogs.  Boy was that fun when I saw them all wearing the same uniform that I had on! I’m looking forward to visiting other places too. We’re just getting started!  My volunteer handler is named Roger.