I'm Wilhamena “WILLIE”

I got my name because my owner is an avid boater and always watched other people with dogs having so much fun at the beach.   When she did some research about dogs, she learned that golden retrievers are amazing swimmers and love people so I was the right choice for her. So as we drove to my new home in Fairview, she decided that my name would be Wilhamena and that I would be her “Wet Willie” once I learned to swim and boat with her. My mom has a very quirky sense of humor. Its okay, I still love her.

THINGS I LEARNED FROM HUMANS: I learned that if I sit real pretty, turn my head slightly to show my big brown eyes that no one can resist petting me. I do it all the time!

THINGS MY OWNER LEARNED FROM ME:   My owner learned that she can count on me to greet her with a big “smile” and tail wag even when she’s had a long and tiring day. I am always happy to be with her. 

FAVORITE TRICK: Not many dogs can climb boat ladders. But I can! I learned to jump 8 feet off the side of our boat. The only way to get on the swim platform to rest is to climb the ladder, so I do. I even climb 6 feet up the back ladder to get back in the boat at the end of our beach fun. Everyone is always amazed, but I just figured it out pretty much on my own.

FAVORITE TREAT: I am not fussy and will eat anything. But, if I had to choose, I would say ice cream is my most favorite.

WHY I AM A GREAT THERAPY DOG….I am not sure I am great yet…but my owner says I will be because I showed her so much love and patience when she was sick with cancer. I was only 1 year old and I knew she was sick so I was gentle and cuddly while she was going through her treatments. She knew then that I was her angel. She tells me that all the time. Now that my owner is better, she knows that together we can make others feel good too. 

FAVORITE PLACES TO VISIT:  I am so new that I don’t have a favorite place yet. But I think that going to the library or book store to listen to children to read will be fun since my owner is a School Librarian and teacher. My owner’s name is Lisa.

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