Meet Zar! 
I am a six year old German shepherd. I am a gentle giant. A big teddy bear! I love to play ball, ball and ball. I also like playing with my sister Ziena in our big back yard. I like going
to training with my other K9 friends. We train several times a week in
obedience and I also train with my search and rescue friends as well.

Things I learned from humans ~ I am a lucky dog! I get to do things I enjoy everyday. When you are kind to others, your rewards are great.

Things my owner learned from me ~ unconditional LOVE is the greatest reward and size doesn't matter. Even the giants dogs can be lap dogs.

Favorite trick ~ I like to jump in the air for the ball and I like to throw the ball in the air for the person I am playing with to catch it and throw it back high in the air.

Favorite treat ~ I am a chow hound at heart. I am not picky about treats. But, I REALLY like veggies. I know weird for a dog.

Make no bones about it, I am a great therapy dog because I am a gentle soul. I like making people feel special. When they see me at first glance they get big eyes but when I give my ball to play games with me, they go from big eyes to huge smile, and that warms my soul.

My Favorite Places to Visit:  I work in the greater Pittsburgh area.  My volunteer handler is named Cris.