I'm Ziena.

I am a four year old Czech German shepherd. I have a ton of energy. I like running agility courses and playing with my brother Zar. I like to play with my cousins too. When I am not in my therapy dog vest, I put on my search and rescue vest. I am a certified air scent and cadaver K9. So I keep busy.

Things I Learned from Humans: I learned to enjoy life. I am a happy- go-lucky dog. I have learned to be patient as well. Sometimes I fly by the seat of my tail.

Things My Owner Learned from Me: My owner has learned, or should I say, she tries to keep up with me. Since I am so active, I keep everyone in our family active.....even the not so active ones. Now we all like exercising. I make it fun!

Favorite Trick: I like to jump in the air for my rubber stick. I have a few acrobatic moves.

Favorite Treat: My favorite is chicken livers. Yummy!

Make No Bones about It, I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because: I am a well rounded K9. I am a very emotional dog. I feel when someone is happy, sad, etc. Their emotion gives me great energy which then helps that person get through their day. I have manners, very obedient and I know when I am supposed to work and when to play. I LOVE doing it all!


My Favorite Places to Visit: I am certified to visit throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. My volunteer handler is named Cris.