I'm Zoe!

I am a wonderful Border Collie and I am excited to be a Therapy Dog just like my big brother Doogan!  I am also a Search and Rescue dog with Northwest Pennsylvania K9 Search and Rescue.  I also LOVE to play frisbee!!

Things I Have Learned from Humans: I have learned from humans that if I bring a toy to them and give them the "eye" they generally will throw it for me to fetch!
Things My Owner Learned from Me: That I am a very smart cookie!
Favorite Trick: I will wave goodbye!
Favorite Treat:I will eat just about anything, but my favorite treat is to play with my Flying Squirrel once I have found someone for search and rescue.
Make No Bones About It... I Am a Great Therapy Dog Because: I am a lover!!

My Favorite Places to Visit: Barnes & Noble.  My volunteer handler is named Adam.