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Therapy Dogs United is pleased to introduce our distinguished therapy dog teams! We are proud of each and every dog and handler. Each dog is certified nationally as an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and has passed the therapy dog test as administered by Therapy Dogs United, Inc.

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Meet Molly

I'm Molly

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Meet Macy

I'm Macy! I'm a 9-year-old Standard Poodle. I was an anniversary present to my Mom and Dad. I have three human sisters, Becky, Mary and Annie - and a Standard Poodle Brother named Maverick, who is also a certified therapy dog. I love riding in the car with my ears blowing in the wind, and having my nails painted before dressing up (Sister bonding).

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Meet Moses

I'm Moses! I am one of three from my family to become a Therapy Dog!

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Meet Maji

I'm Maji! I am a Kerry Blue Terrier, and I am so happy to have a new career as a certified therapy dog! I spend the summer months working with special needs children and senior citizens - and sometimes I can be seen on the campus of Edinboro University!

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Meet Malkin

I'm Malkin! I am a wonderful mixed breed with an amazing rescue story to tell! 

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Meet Mariya

I'm Mariya! I am an adorable little Shorkie, and yes, I am as tiny as I am cute! I was born on the 4th of July and I am mom's little firecracker! I have graduated from several training courses and have to admit my favorite part of the training was agility. I love weaving in and out of the cones!

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Meet Matt

I'm Matt! I'm a field bred English Springer. Everyone calls me Matt unless I've gotten myself out of line; then I get called Matthew. I'm very proud to join my sister and litter mate Shania on the TDU team.

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Meet Maxx

I'm Maxx. I am an awesome therapy dog ambassador.  I came from a local shelter and I am so happy to be in my forever home!

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Meet MiLin

I'm MiLin!  I am a lovely little Lhasa Apso and I am such a crowd pleaser!  My Mom used to train dogs, so I truly am the perfect pooch!

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Meet Meagans

I’m Magic Meagans. But you can simply call me Meagans. I am an extremely well-mannered, lively Golden. I was certified as a therapy dog at just 18 months old and it was a lot of hard work! In my spare time, I love to do agility and play with my friends at Scott Park.

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Meet Merlin

I'm Merlin. I am an adorable Pom and believe it or not, I have an amazing story behind my rescue!   I love my new career and my forever home is simply the best.

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Meet Midas

I'm Midas! I'm a five year old Bernese Mountain Dog who loves playing at the beach, hiking, "playing" soccer, and SNOW! Berners (as we are lovingly referred to) LOVE snow - our breed originated in Switzerland.

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Meet Mocha

I'm Mocha!  My mom says I'm her beautiful all natural Dobie girl.  I'm very friendly and love everyone. When I'm not working, I love to run and play in the woods.

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Meet Molly M.

I'm Molly!  I am a happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever who loves to go to the beach, run in the woods and go  on car rides!  I know how to roll over, give 5, sit and speak!

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Meet Molly

I'm Molly! I'm a two-year-old Cairn terrier. My breed originated in the Highlands of Scotland and my descendants were bred to catch all varieties of rodents and small mammals. That is why I love nothing better than to chase moles and to dig. In fact sometimes all that can be seen of me is my tail poking out of a hole in the back yard!

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Meet Murphy

I'm Murphy! I'm a West Highland White Terrier. My hobbies include running in the park, riding in the car, taking naps and sniffing things. I also like to go fishing with my Dad and to cuddle on the couch with my Mom.

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Meet Mya

I'm Mya! I was adopted by my new owner in February of 2008. Life was not good when I lived with an abuser, so I ran away. At age 1 1/2 I was adopted from the Humane Society. Life is now one happy slide after another...I love to go down the slide at the school playground - with the kids or without!

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Meet Nacho

I'm Nacho!  I am an adorable Puggle with a great new career!  I get to go to my mom's Kindergarten class and help kids learn how to read! 

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Meet Neo

I'm Neo! I am a totally awesome German Shepherd. I'm a very big boy, but don't let my size fool you - I'd be a lap dog if I could! I love my new therapy dog career and I am a very busy boy putting smiles on the faces of a lot of seniors! 

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Meet Nico

I'm Nico!  My owner rescued me from Animal Protectors of New Kensington and I am so proud of my new therapy dog career!  I have learned that just because my first owner wasn't trustworthy doesn't mean that all dog owners are that way!

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Meet Niki

I'm Niki!  I'm a 3 1/2 year old smooth coated Chow.  Some people may think that because I'm a Chow I may not be nice, but I joined Therapy Dogs United to prove that my breed can make not only a loving companion, but good ambassador for Chows.  I enjoy long walks then returning home to the living room carpet for a nap in the sun when I can find it.

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Meet Paco

I'm Paco!  I am a rescued Pit Bull from the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh. I was returned three times to the shelter before I found my fur-ever home. I have been through lots of training to get where I am today. I am truly the under-dog. I love all people but children the most! I love playing with my four legged friends and meeting new people everywhere I go.

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Meet Padme

I'm Padme! I was certified as a therapy dog on April 18th - and I am excited to get to work as the official therapy dog of the North East School District where I spend my time working with my Mom in the Elementary School.

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Meet Paisley

I'm Paisley and I'm a very busy therapy dog!  I love to make my friends at Erie Independence House smile!  My bio is coming soon, please check back.

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Meet Parker

I'm Parker!  I love attention and meeting new people. I will be there for you and let you pet me or if you just want to have someone to keep you company I will stand by your side with my loving cocker spaniel eyes and melt your heart!

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Meet Peanut

I'm Peanut Buttercup! I am a brindle English Bulldog - and I am a lovely little girl. My favorite things include SWIMMING, belly rubs, car rides, playing with kids, eating snacks, playing with my big brother Sullivan (who is also a therapy dog), and making cute faces to try to get those humans to give me more snacks.

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Meet Penelope

I'm Penelope! But you can call me Penney!  I am a very special therapy dog because I was born deaf!   Although I can't hear, I know how to follow commands through sign language and I even know how to read!   I love working with kids and adults who are just like me!

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Meet Pete

I'm Pete! I am a wonderful Lab mix breed who shares my home with 2 adults and 3 really active little kids! They love to lie next to me and read books, or build LEGO bridges over me, or watch me play with the sprinkler in the summer.

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Meet Prozac

I'm Prozac! I am yet another wonderful Golden excited to begin work in my new career! I even more happy because I get to go to work with my Mom who works hard to make a difference in a lot of people's lives!

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Meet Puff

I'm Puff le Dragon Magique (Puff the Magic Dragon) - But just plain 'Puff' to all who know (and love) me! I'm full of life and absolutely the best obedience and rally dog with titles to prove it. I just love going places, meeting people and getting their attention!

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Meet Rudy Pallan

I'm Rudy!

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Meet Reuben

I'm Reuben! I was born March 4, 2010, and went to live with my family at 8 weeks old. It has been like boot camp since that day, but at 1 year old I am a certified “therapist.” I have passed my Canine Good Citizen test twice, once at 6 months and again at 1 year old. I am also working to be a search & rescue dog.  So there’s not much time to goof off.

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Meet Riley

I'm Riley! I know it’s a name often given to boys, but I am all girl! I was rescued from the Humane Society almost four years ago, and life has never been better! No one really knows what breeds I am, but they think I have Boston Terrier and some other terrier in me. I’ll never tell!

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Meet Rocco

I'm Rocco! I'm a beautiful 4-year-old brindle-colored Pit Bull - but don't let my breed fool you! I am very kind, gentle and loving - and the happiest guy you'd ever want to meet (just look at my smile!) I am also a very big boy - and my size helps me when I make visits to people in wheelchairs, so they don't have to bend down as far to pet my soft fur. My Dad likes to tease me and call me a big pussycat!

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