Paw Power

Therapy Dogs United is pleased to introduce our distinguished therapy dog teams! We are proud of each and every dog and handler. Each dog is certified nationally as an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and has passed the therapy dog test as administered by Therapy Dogs United, Inc.

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Meet Rodney

I'm Rodney! Yes, I'm the big red boy that adopted Crackers last year. Everyone takes a step back to comment on my size and how handsome I am. It's taken me 5 years and a little sister to calm my intensity. Now I can go out, meet people, and make them smile. Mom, Crackers and I will make a great team!

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Meet Romeo

I'm Romeo! I am a 1 and a half year old German Shepherd Dog! I love kids, especially my 5 cousins that I play fetch and catch bubbles with all the time! I like to spend my free time sitting out on the porch with mom watching cars drive by, playing with the kids in the yard or at the dog park playing with my doggie friends.

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Meet Ruby

I'm Ruby! I am a a 4 year old adorable, fun loving Boxer who loves laying in my human's laps and being cuddled. Other than sleeping, I also love to play and eat - and to go to the park to run as fast as I can! Since I am a social butterfly, I am so excited to be a part of TDU. I hope to make lots of new friends.

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Meet Rudy

I'm Rudy!  And, yes, I'm a dog not a lion as some people say!  I am thrilled to work in my new therapy dog career alongside my therapy dog sister, Niki.

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Meet Rusty

I'm Rusty! I am a 10-year-old Red Poodle. I was adopted from Because You Care after my Mom Sally passed away. I was then adopted by two Benedictine Sisters, Sr. Carolann and Sr. Rita. Thanks to my many good friends, I have a wonderful and loving home!

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Meet Sadie

I'm Sadie! I was featured as Miss. August in the Therapy Dogs United 2018 calendar!

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Meet Sadie

I'm Sadie!  I'm a Portuguese Water Dog, curly variety and I certainly do know how and where to have fun!

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Meet Sambuca

I'm Sambuca! I'm a three year old black Labrador Retriever. I am a fun-loving guy who enjoys taking walks, playing ball with the kids, visiting the neighbors cats, and taking a nap whenever I can! I am such a good boy that my Dad even takes me to work with him every day. I love going to work because I can see my Papa all the time....and oh, the treats he gives me are the best!

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Meet Sarge

I'm Sarge! I'm a beautiful young German Shepherd. I am very busy with my new career as a regular therapy dog serving the North East School District. I love to make people happy. Just give me a little attention and watch me work my magic!

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Meet Shania

I'm Shania! I am going to be 6 years old, and I live with my Brother Matt, and our caregivers Dave and Bridget, aka, Dad and Mum. I'm an English Springer. I love to get out and go for rides in the car with Matt. I also love people and being around them. I have lots of love to give.

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Meet Shelby

I'm Shelby! I was recently adopted from a local shelter and I just love my new home. My Mom, Dad and Sister think I am the greatest, and for good reason! I am very intelligent and love to play Frisbee.

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Meet Shiloh the Pug

I'm Shiloh!  I am a calm little dog who likes nothing more than to lie around and get my belly scratched.  I enjoy chasing the critters in the yard, but wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it.  I have my owners pretty well trained - they know when I want treats and when to give me scratches.

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Meet Shiloh

I'm Champion Farley's D. Shiloh - and you may address me as Shiloh. Yes, I, too, have been in the ring and been admired by the people and more importantly, the judges who have seen me strut my stuff. I'm Mr. Imperturbable.

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Meet Sophie

I'm Sophie! I'm a beautiful and gentle Great Pyrenees and I am so excited to start my new therapy dog career! I'm getting set to go to school with my Mom almost every day! My bio is coming - please check back soon.

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Meet Stella

I'm Stella!  I am pretty as I am smart! I am a 4 year old Golden Retriever and I just know I'm going to love you - I love everyone!  Being a therapy dog is a great way for me to meet people and share the love! 

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Meet Samantha

I'm Samantha! I love my job as a therapy dog! Click my link below to hear my story.

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Meet Sullivan

I'm Sullivan! I'm a six year old merle Great Dane. I grew up in Philadelphia, and now I love living here in Erie. I love long walks, car rides, going to the beach, sleeping in, and being lazy! I was named after "Sully" from Monsters, Inc. because even though I might look like a big monster at first glance, I am really a big, cuddly teddy bear!

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Meet Sophia

I'm Sophia! I love being a Therapy Dog!

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Meet Tesla

I'm Tesla! I am a proud Pit Bull working in my new career as a therapy dog.  My mom rescued me 2 years ago and with a lot of work, she built up my confidence and taught me to be a dog again!  Along the way, we found out I could make a great therapy dog! 

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Meet Tie

I'm Tie!  I was found wandering somewhere in Kentucky and I can't remember anything about my life before I ended up at a shelter where my forever family found me.  I can't even remember my name.  I do know that every dog and person is my friend and I'm excited to meet them. I love little kids and don't mind at all if they haven't quite figured out the right way to pet dogs yet.

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Meet Tigger

I'm Tigger! I am an adorable little Havanese who loves life and everyone in it! I am a very busy therapy dog - making visits in both Pennsylvania and Florida. I've been known to melt hearts with my beautiful eyes and gentle temperament!

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Meet Toby

I'm Toby! My mom adopted me from the Crawford County Humane Society in December 2011 and off we went to obedience class where I learned everything super quick! I love rope chew toys, my daily hikes and anything that allows me to run really fast. Oh yeah, probably because of the Beagle in me, I'm a great sniffer.& I love to sniff out the treats Mom hides around the house. I'm working on learning some tricks to surprise you with. I am a great therapy dog because I think people and petting are the best things in life!

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Meet Tonka

I'm Tonka! Tonka Polamalu Schlegel -- though Tonka or Tonk is just fine if you're into the whole brevity thing.  My dad is a Siberian Husky and my mom is an Akita Inu.  I get my big smile and friendly nature (not to mention my one blue eye) from my dad and my laid-back, easy-going attitude (I almost never bark) from my mom.  Naturally, with all this thick, fuzzy fur I love the snow and wading in lakes and streams no matter what the temperature.

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Meet Willie

I'm Willie! I'm Willie, actually Willie Nelson...but don't ask me to sing for you.  My owner Roger has a few other nicknames for me, and I asnwer to all of them!

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Meet Wilhamena

I'm Wilhamena! But you can call me Willie! I am yet another amazing Golden working in my new career as a therapy dog. I got my name because my owner is an avid boater and always watched other people with dogs having so much fun at the beach.

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Meet Yul

I'm Yul! I started my career training to be an assistance dog with Canine Companions for Independence. Now, I spend my days working full time as a therapy dog helping kids with special needs. My bio is coming, please check back soon!

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Meet Zar

I'm Zar! I am a six year old German shepherd. I am a gentle giant. A big teddy bear! I love to play ball, ball and ball. I also like playing with my sister Ziena in our big back yard. I like going to training with my other K9 friends. We train several times a week in obedience and I also train with my search and rescue friends as well.

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Meet Ziena

I'm Ziena! I am a four year old Czech German shepherd. I have a ton of energy. I like running agility courses and playing with my brother Zar. I like to play with my cousins too. When I am not in my therapy dog vest, I put on my search and rescue vest. I am a certified air scent and cadaver K9. So I keep busy.

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Meet Zoe

I'm Zoe! I am a wonderful Border Collie and I am excited to be a Therapy Dog just like my big brother Doogan!  I am also a Search and Rescue dog with Northwest Pennsylvania K9 Search and Rescue.  I also LOVE to play Frisbee!

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