Animal Care for Exceptional Children & Adults

ACE is a traveling school-based animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and rehabilitation program designed to help children and young adults dealing with Emotional, Behavioral or Cognitive Challenges, Physical or Developmental Delays,  Speech or Hearing difficulties, Autism, and individuals with Down Syndrome.  Our ACE Program works through a therapy dog team and a trained therapist or counselor to bring about positive emotional outcomes and healing.  This program has targeted outcomes measured in weekly increments.  

Emotional, Behavioral or Cognitive Challenges

  • Builds a bond when used as transitional objects
  • Gains and uses non-aggressive voice tones
  • Use of appropriate eye contact
  • Initiates play and sharing techniques
  • Decrease self-absorption

Autistic Children & Young Adults

  • Induces speech
  • Promotes self-initiated interaction
  • Increases social behaviors; decreases stereotypical behaviors
  • Decreases self-absorption
  • Creates focus in socially or emotionally withdrawn children
  • Initiates play

Physical or Developmental Delays

  • Motivates physical movement and rehabilitation
  • Encourages non-verbal communication
  • Improves attention spans
  • Compliance

Down Syndrome

  • Proper techniques for sharing and playing
  • Use of appropriate eye contact
  • Self-initiated interactions 

To find out more about our ACE Program, call (814) 456-DOGS (3647) or Email