What is a Companion Dog?

A Companion Dog is a calm, well-behaved and obedient therapy dog that facilitates therapeutic healing while working to help rehabilitate the mind, body and soul.  Companion Dogs can benefit anyone, but bring an added benefit to At-Risk Children & Young Adults, Abused or Homeless children, Seniors (living in residential facilities), or a client suffering from Chronic Illness or living in hospice care.  If your Facility has ever imagined the joy, unconditional love and constant companionship of a trained, full-time therapy dog - look no further! 

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to place Companion Dogs at this time.

Companion Dog - Key Benefits
Return Trust, Companionship & the Ability to Nurture

  • Catalyst for Positive Change:
    Returns a sense of need, provides the ability to love, care and nurture (especially in seniors).  Brings companionship and initiates communication.
  • Physical & Emotional Benefits: 
    Alleviates loneliness and depression, calms anxiety, and helps to reduce stress and blood pressure.  Provides a positive diversion from prolonged periods of repetitive behavior and activities.
  • Promotes Healing & Overall Well-being: 
    Helps a body and mind heal more quickly.  Companion dogs also help create emotional bonds which can translate to a bond with other people.

Due to an extensive waiting list, we are currently unable to place Companion Dogs at this time.